The Dragon Tattoo in the Black Man

Heart drumming widely in her chest, her ears deafened by way of a rush of blood strong enough to drown even the music blaring from everywhere around them, Nadia let Taneka lead them up a flight of stairs resulting in a VIP area. He didn’t stop there, however, and brought her at the end of a thin hall, to a door guarded by two bulky men.

He softly pushed on her behalf back to produce her step inside and turned toward the tallest of both guys, a mountain of a man with a goatee, thin mustache, and bushy eyebrows.

“Kotaro kun, nobody steps inside until I say so. Nobody knocks. Under no circumstances. The first to disobey dies, and anybody who let them will regret the day they certainly were born. Understood?”

His coldness, even more than his terrible words, made Nadia cringe. Whatever happened, this was who and what he was, and nothing could erase it. One night ebony porn  One night only. For the sake of her own satisfaction, she’d to stick to this. Whatever happened.

“Yes, kumi-cho sama.”

With a grunt, Taneka shut the doorway behind him, and all sounds became muted, like sucked right into a vacuum. After so much noise, Nadia’s ears rung; turning slowly on her behalf heels to face him, her mind registered the truth that both of these were finally alone, in a tiny and closed environment, without any potential for outside interference. Mouth dry and nerves bristling with sudden trepidation, she straightened up, wanting to project confidence.

His eyes were pitch black. Where dark fire burned when they had first met, two black holes now held her gaze. Time on her behalf showing that this was no bluff, and most importantly, time to get what she’d pined after for so many months. One night. One shot. One chance. It absolutely was both frightening and liberating at the same time.

In two strides, he was inside her personal sphere, towering above her and she’d to stretch her head back to help keep eye contact. “You come in my experience wanting, begging almost,” he growled, fingers brushing her arm, then sliding up her shoulder and neck, to finally cup her jaw. But where he’d held her such as a fragile thing half a year before, this time it absolutely was a gauntlet of steel that seized her.

“You burst into my world, and pretend you are able to come and go as you wish. That whatever takes place tonight, whatever I actually do for you, you will have no consequence, and that your life will continue as before.” His thumb pushed past her lips in a hard move, brushed her tongue, and she moaned, little shakes coursing her body. “What makes you believe I allows this? One night? Ha! Fine, one night only it will be. But you can be damn sure you will spend years wishing you had gotten more. I won’t be the only one stuck for the reason that damn hell hole you’re burying us in,” he vowed harshly, before crushing his mouth on hers, cradling her head with both hands.



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